It's My Friend's Birthday

My friend has a birthday today.

I met her when we were teenagers. We fell in teenage love. It was heavy and full of drama and my tendencies toward martyrdom meshed nicely with her mental illness. We were a manga soap opera before any of us knew of such things; we were a Terry Moore graphic novel and she was Francine and Katchoo both depending on the day and where her brain chemistry was.

We had adventures.

As we grew older and miles separated us, I often worried about my friend. Her adventures away from me took place in Adulthood, where things are more dangerous and the implications, longer lasting. She did amazingly strong things that I'm still so proud of, and she made the kind of mistakes we all make. I celebrated her triumphs and fretted over her defeats.

She sent me letters boobytrapped with glitter and confetti.

Finally, entropy contributed to our losing touch with one another, and a misunderstanding reinforced that. It was years before the Internet brought us back in contact.

Lo and behold, my friend is alive and well. She's a poet and an artist and so brilliantly creative I wish I could take a thimble of her productivity and down it like a shot. There've been a few more tragedies, and a few more triumphs, and this person I met when we were half as old as we are now has become one of the strongest people I know.

And today's her birthday.

And I wanted to tell the world that, and also that she's an inspiration, and a gift, and I love her.

So happy birthday, tigger-eddie-cydniey. It makes me happy, knowing you're out there -- and that's your gift to me.

Stepping Back

In the interest of productivity and the hopes of avoiding redundancy and general time-suckage, I've trimmed my friends list recently.

Essentially, I've kept on there people who are far away (ie, out of state) and taken off people I see in the ordinary course of my week.

You'll see fewer posts from myself here, as well -- not that I posted all that often. I just have too many things taking up my time, important work, and LiveJournal feeds my proclivity toward procrastination. I may install a personal blog on my own website, as I've had before.

MP3 Survey

A fun game to play now and then, also a nice barometer of tastes and guilty pleasure: Create a random playlist of an hour or so in the mp3 player of your choice and post the first ten songs to LJ. Share!

I first head about this from CJ.

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Fun! Now you!
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Sent to the 127 members of my mailing list

MWS Media News: Gigs, Santa Barbara Conference Progress, Multiverse Magazine, and Residual Bliss!

Matt says: “After a year-long hiatus, I’m headed back out to a coffeehouse, bar, or bookstore near you (assuming you’re in Southern California!) I’ll be at four Borders Books and Music locations in the month of May – for details, check out You long-time supporters will hear a few new originals and some new covers.”

Matt says: “Twenty days ago, I sent a special entreaty to many of you. I’m trying hard to raise the money to attend the 32nd annual Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference, and I need your help! The original open letter can be found here:
“In a nutshell, the cost of the week-long conference, including room and board, is reasonably priced, but beyond my means. I’m scraping together what I can, but there’s no way I can raise the $1325.00 before the deadline. In the spirit of a “rent party,” I’m asking you to help. In return for your donation of any amount, I’ll give you something in return: either a free edit and story diagnosis of a piece of your fiction up to 6,000 words, or free copies of my next two official music releases on compact disc. My normal freelance rate for editing and story diagnosis is $30.00 / hour, which is also the approximate price of two CDs – but I will give you either of these no matter what you donate!
“In the twenty days since my first entreaty, I’ve raised $122.00 from four very generous individuals, and they have my sincere gratitude. However, there’s still a long way to go before the May 1st deadline of this ‘fund drive!’ Please, do what you can – I’ll make good use of the conference, where I hope to receive inspiration and guidance regarding my novel in progress.
“Again, full details and options for donation are at Thanks so much!”

Multiverse Magazine, the online periodical featuring short fiction with an emphasis on self-consistent fantastic settings and worlds, just released its sixth issue at
Published by MWS Media, Multiverse Magazine is one of the few online publications that compensates contributors with a modest percentage of advertising revenue. Our commitment to quality fiction and informative non-fiction continues to bring readers some of the finest genre reading on the net!
If you haven’t checked out Multiverse Magazine yet, give us a read at – and don’t forget to click on an advertisement or two before you leave the site, as that’s how we pay our very deserving writers!

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In the four months MWS Media has implemented the PaysForever system, we’ve generated as much income as our other internet marketing plan (FreeStoreClub) has in a year!
If you’re interested in learning more, see Yes, this site’s a little hokey, but this program works. Even if you don’t make enough from this one program to quit your day job, it’s another step in that direction!
Follow you bliss!


-- Matthew Wayne Selznick and MWS Media

I Should Probably Put A Set Together

Not to mention start practicing.

I haven't played publicly since April of 2003 -- it's been a year. This isn't the first time I've taken time off from performing, but this may have been the longest time, and certainly the most spiritually and creatively cleansing. So I want to ease into this performing thing, something low-key, low-consequence...

That sounds like Borders.

I just booked four gigs at four different Borders stores in May. These are free gigs -- well, I get to keep whatever tips the customers deign to give me -- but I don't mind all that much right now. I'm hoping to make recordings of all of them, from which I can cull the best for another release, and plus, it's a comfortable place to get my groove back on. Assuming it still fits.

I still have to get performance agreements signed, but the tentative schedule is like so:

Friday, May 9th, 2004: Borders La Habra
Saturday, May 15th, 2004: Borders Montclair
Saturday, May 22nd, 2004: Borders Brea
Saturday, May 28th, 2004: Borders City of Industry.

All shows should be around 7:30 or so until 9:30 or so in the evening.

If you'd like to know more about each show as they get closer, send me an email at That'll put you on the MWS Media mailing list -- periodic blasts all about the man who put the MWS in Music Weans Salivation... me.

Fairly productive day, wot. Put up the magazine, got some gigs... also fixed the network situation for optimum convenience for all concerned here at home... it's nine o'clock, I have to be at work in thirteen hours, and I have more I want to do before I sleep...